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Dyno Chart Examples


May 2009

2006 Superduke
Akrapovic slip-on silencers
Dynojet PC111
O2 eliminators fitted

116.68hp up to 122.84hp
70.32ftlb up to 75.27ftlb

(Red line after Motobox fitted)





July 2009

2009 Superduke R
Full Akropovic Evo exhaust system Dynojet PC111
O2 eliminators fitted

125.57hp up to 132.80hp
71.82ftlb up to 78.45ftlb (not shown on graph)

(Green line after Motobox fitted. Red line shows '07 bike with no mods)






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.Download - Motohooligan Airbox installation pdf for the Superduke 990.

DIY fitting of the Motobox is straightforward for anyone with a little experience and some basic workshop tools. We have put together a set of instructions to explain the benefits, help/answer any questions you might have and give you the reassurance and confidence to release the full potential of your engine.

More coming soon

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